Graphene Moxibustion Device

  • Category: Moxibustion Device
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Portable
  • Color: white, pink, green

Graphene Moxibustion Device Manufacturer from China with Factory Price

A new generation of health
How do you feel? The fast-paced life prevents the body from getting effective rest. Long-term work and overtime make the human body in a sub-health state for a long time, a full body massage may be appropriate.
Stiff neck: staying up late and working overtime for a long time; physical discomfort: heavy work pressure; neck fatigue: long-term lack of exercise; low back pain: long-term sitting.
Graphene far infrared heating
Graphene + far-infrared light produces far-infrared light waves of 6-14μm, and the frequency is similar to that of traditional open fire moxibustion.
It transfers heat energy to the deep layers of the human body and works with moxa sticks to fully penetrate the moxa sticks into the shoulders and necks, effectively relieving fatigue and soreness.

graphene moxibustion parameters

Graphene Moxibustion Device Advantages

1. Magnetic moxibustion tablets, blind paste accurate adsorption
Magnetic moxibustion tablets, release the restraint; optimize body feeling, shoulder and neck pain; easy to persist and finish it by yourself.
2. Digital display battery, built-in battery
Digital display design, the remaining power is more intuitive, 1200mAh large-capacity built-in battery, long-lasting battery life.
3. Three gears temperature can be adjusted at will
When the thermal head is turned on, it is in third gear, and the gear can be adjusted according to itself.

graphene moxibustion box three gears temperature
4. Convenient wireless, speed up charging
Magnetic thermal head + magnetic charging box design
Easily store the thermal head, use it when you pick it up, and charge it when you put it down. The moxibustion box uses Type-C fast charging, farewell to the trouble of no battery.
5. Intelligent control constant temperature hot compress
3 levels of intelligent temperature control. NTC precisely controls the temperature to protect the human body from high temperature damage.
6. Handle design, compact and convenient
Lightweight and portable moxibustion box, wearing thermal head for moxibustion operation, light weight without feeling.

Technical Parameters

Moxibustion Box Thermal Heated Box Charging Voltage
Product Name Product Name 5V
Graphene Smart Magnetic Moxibustion Box Graphene Smart Magnetic Thermal Heated Box Rated Voltage
Battery Capacity Battery Capacity 5V
1200mAh 300mAh Weight
Rated Power Rated Power 336g
5W 2.5W Package Size
Charging AC Charging AC 63*63*153mm
1A 150mA Product Size
*Slightly sweating or reddish complexion after moxibustion is normal. Hot moxibustion for half an hour every night can relieve fatigue and relax for a whole day.*Wormwood sticker(30) + storage bag 239*199*75mm

Scientific collocation of moxibustion cream

1. Old Qi Chun wormwood has stronger penetrating power
The heat is mild and not dry. The wormwood paste is heated by a hot head, and infrared light waves can better penetrate the wormwood factor into the skin.

Scientific Collocation Of Moxibustion Cream
2. Safe maintenance is more effective
Qi Chun selected a variety of materials including three years of wild Chen Ai, ginger, and ginseng. Scientific proportioning, refined through more than a dozen processes.


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