Gua Sha

  • Type: Electric Gua Sha Massager
  • Application: Body
  • Material: ABS PC
  • Function: Body Massager

How often should you Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a Chinese medicine method of treating diseases. It is based on the needs of the disease to determine the number and duration of gua sha. Do not scrape too frequently. Gua Sha is better, once a week. There is no fixed time interval. If the gua sha part has yarn spots, that is the best. After removing the spots, gua sha again. Gua Sha has many benefits. It can not only promote metabolism, but also eliminate excess toxins in the body.

If you are looking for a cheap gua sha massager, then a manufacturer from China is the right one for you. As a professional sand scraper manufacturer, Youjie Tech will provide you with some gua sha tool manufacturers. It can effectively help you choose the right supplier for you.

Gua Sha Massager Feature

1. 3 modes to meet your needs know you more
Scraping & cupping, hot compress, red light therapylt is like your personal physiotherapist to help recover your vitality and energy.

2. use it to stay health the bruises brings coziness
Invigorates all the vitality and energy by using its multifunctional modes.

3. red light mode helps quickly to activat cells
The device is with red lights inside to revive the vitality of the cells and enhance the metabolism so that it completely relaxes yourself and makes you feel full of energy.

4. magnet therapy contains magnet micro-current for deep health care
The head is made of 8 natural magnets,that provides in-depth physiotherapy for the body while scraping and cupping promote the activity of internal cells, with essential oils.

5. intelligent shut-off exquisite design always cares your sense of experience
Scientifically using the product is good for health. Excessive use will be harmful and useless. Our 10 minutes of intelligent shut-off system will assure you keep away from the harm and you have more effective using expierence.

6. easy to use and clean
The built-in filter cotton that can prevent the device from clogging convenient to clean, easy to use the device is with 5 filter cottons(including the cotton inside the device)

Technical Parameters

Product Name Wireless Scraping Apparatus
Net Weight 0.21kg
Color White,Pink
Heating 38-41-44℃
Power 4W
Rated voltage 5V
Battery Capacity 2200mAh
Size 102*88*60mm


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