Hand Rehabilitation Robotics

  • Product name: Hand rehabilitation device
  • Color: White
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Hand: Left and right
  • Feature: Portable, easy to use
  • Application: Home, clinic, hospital
  • Function: Finger exercise, hand rehabilitation
  • Suitable for: Stroke hand, brain trauma, high paraplegia
  • OEM/ODM: Welcome

Solve the problem of three stages
Suitable for hand dysfunction caused by central and peripheral nerve injury. Relieve stiffness and inability to complete exercise independently.

1. Spasmodic Period
Stiffness / high muscle tension / poor control prevent spasms, reduce muscle tension and improve exercise ability.

2. Soft Paralysis Stage
Soft spongy/weak muscle strength / promoted by exercise, speed up muscle recovery, active activity appears.

3. Postoperative Recovery Period
Adhesion/weakness / poor control promote neuromuscular and blood circulation.

Hand Rehabilitation Machine Function


Product Name Physiotherapy finger exercise hand rehabilitation robot machine
Color White
Size S, M, L, XL
Hand Left and rignt
Suitable for Stroke hand, brain trauma, high paraplegia, central diseases
Feature Portable, easy to use
Function Finger exercise, hand rehabilitation
People Women, men
Application Home, clinic, hospital
OEM/ODM Welcome

Hand Rehabilitation Robot Multiple Modes:
For hand dysfunction caused by central and peripheral nerve injury.
1. Image Mode Collaborative Training
Through the mirror motion mode of healthy hand driving the affected hand, extensive stimulation of the motor cortex facilitates bilateral motor pathways, and multiple stimuli work together to improve the speed of hand function recovery.

2. Finger Training
There is a valve on the bottom of each finger suffering. The valve can be individually adjusted and controlled. so, the corresponding fingers can be exercised and trained according to the user’s need.

2. Powerful Training
The hand training machine is with a power system to help train grasping objects.

Hand Rehabilitation Machine Size:

Hand Rehabilitation Robotics Size

Size Length(mm) Width(mm)
S 162 78
M 180 85
L 200 89
XL 220 95


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