Heated Massage Pillow

  • easy to carry
  • travel companion
  • relax in the office lunch break
  • good helper at home to help sleep
  • relax the cervical spine anytime, anywhere

EMS energy massage pillow relax neck muscle relieve the pain hot compress massage

Innovative elastic energy needle “hard block” crushed by one needle
When the human body sleeps on its back, the weight of the head and neck form a positive tension with 12 sets of elastic forces, which can automatically adjust the stretching height. The elastic top strongly targets human cervical spine masses and relieves neck pain.
innovative energy elastic needle massage pillow

Innovative energy elastic needle
EMS energy massage pillow

EMS energy is transmitted to cervical vertebra through elastic needle
energy massage pillow manufacturer

5 modes & 16 gears to choose
massage pillow 5 modes 16 gears

Massage Pillow Advantage

  • deep relaxation of cervical vertebrae
  • ergonomic design golden triangle support
  • constant temperature hot compress relaxes the neck in 30min

hot compress relaxes pillow

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