Heated Scarf

  • Type: Rechargeable heated scarf
  • Size: 81*10 cm
  • Connection end: USB
  • Material: Flannel, nylon
  • Levels of heating: 35℃, 45℃, 55℃
  • Feature: Heated, electrical, portable


Product name Rechargeable heated scarf
Size 81*10 cm
Color Gray, red, blue, black, pink, and more
Battery Rechargeable, USB
Heating levels 35℃, 45℃, 55℃
Function Keep warm

Heated Scarf Feature

  1. Warm and comfortable A scarf that can heat up to block the cold from the neck.
  2. Far infrared rays penetrate the skin and not only warm the neck.
  3. Three-speed temperature control switch to adjust the temperature control at will, one key to turn on, have warm happiness anytime, anywhere.
  4. Red high-temperature 55℃ Orange medium temperature 48℃ Blue low-temperature 48℃.
  5. The intelligent constant temperature heating switch combined with the temperature sensor probe can detect the temperature of the heating film, and accurately control the warmth without being hot.
  6. Safe voltage and long battery life to warm your neck.

Heated Scarf Advantage
1.【Relieve Soreness】
When your neck and shoulders feel sore after a day of work, you can put on an electrically heated scarf to relieve the discomfort through heat therapy. During menstruation, you can also use it to relieve abdominal pain. Ultra-soft Cashmere-like Flannel, furry, cozy, light, and warm, close to the skin.

2.【3 Temp Modes & Lightweight】
The heated scarf has three temperatures: high temperature (red), medium temperature (blue), and low temperature (green). You can adjust the temperature according to weather conditions. The total weight of the neck warmer and the power bank is 4 ounces, not feel any burden to the neck.

3.【Easy to Washing】
The USB port of the heated shawl has a waterproof cap, fits hand-washed, not Machine washing. heated scarves can be given to wives, husbands, parents, friends, or colleagues as winter, Christmas, or New Year gifts, express your love and warmth.

4.【Heaters In The Pockets】
There are even heaters in the pockets too! Keep your hands warm and toasty. Minimal Fiery Scarf is perfect for indoor use too! Create your own warm personal comfort zone without heating your entire home.

5.【Unisex & Fashionable Design】
Minimal Fiery Scarf’s unisex and fashionable design is made from super soft premium fleece.

6.【Quick & Easy Charging】
It’s GREAT for the whole family! The lightweight and rechargeable power pack give you up to 6 hours of warmth and comfort on just a single charge! The three heat settings of the low, medium, high allow you to choose the right one for you.


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