Hospital Bed Folding Mattress

  • Model: YJ-M002
  • Type: Medical mattress
  • Material: Nylon/PVC/TPU
  • Application: Hospital and clinic
  • Mattress material: coconut fiber/foam/sponge

High Quality Medical Coconut Palm Waterproof Fabric Mattress Medical

AS manufactures,we focus on product quality and services.We manufacture hospital furniture with 10 years’ experience.Our main products:hospital beds,hospital trolleys,wheelchairs,medical Scooters,electric massager and so on.
We can not only produce a variety of medical trolleys that are popular in the market. We can also provide high-end customization to turn your design ideas into beautiful industrial products.

Folding Hospital Bed Mattress Specifications

  1. Size,1950*900mm.Can be manufactured by your demands.
  2. This mattress is used for single crank manual bed.It has two parts.
  3. Top cover fabric is waterproof,flexible,washable,durable.
  4. The core of mattress is high density foam sponge and palm fiber.
  5. The colour of cover:white,army green,blue,gray,black and so on.
  6. The material of cover:canvas fabric,leather,PU,PVC.

high quality medical bed mattress


Product Name Medical Mattresses
Material Polyethylene foam
Type Removable
Application Hospital
Color grey/customized
Size customized
thickness 6, 8, 10 mm or can be customized

Folding Hospital Bed Mattress Needs

1. Health
Mattress designs (preventive and turning), as wells as comfort levels, help address health issues that impact bed-ridden patients. These issues include bed sores and skin shearing. To address these, consider a self-turning mattress that rotates a non-ambulatory patient onto his or her side.
2. Budget
Mattresses range from economy models that are a perfect for health care and governmental facilities to top-of-the-line, fully adjustable models that are ideal for homes and long-term care facilities.


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