Hydraulic Lifting Transfer Chair

  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Max load: 120kgs
  • seat width: 46 cm
  • Gross weight: 32kg
  • Package size: 82*62*46cm
  • Lifting mode: Hydraulic Lifting
  • Adjustable height range of seat: 44-70cm

Parameter details

Product name Hydraulic Lifting Transfer Chair
Drive mode Hydraulic lifting, no need for electricity
Height lift range 26cm(44cm-70cm range above floor)
Max load 120kgs
Front wheel 5 inches
Rear wheel 3 inches
Seat width 46cm
Overall dimension 77*59*(91-117)cm(L*W*H)
Package dimension 82*62*46cm
Gross weight 32kg

Advantages of Hydraulic Lifting Transfer Chair

[4 In 1 Wheelchair Lift]:
This equipment has several purposes and may be used as a patient lift, wheelchair, bedside commode, or bathroom chair. It can roll straight over most toilets and into the shower, reducing manual handling and transfers for caregivers. Easy to move patients to the dining room, toilet, bathroom, outdoor, sofa, and bed, etc. Ideal for the elderly, disabled, or anyone needing assistance in the shower.

The premium hydraulic pump is designed to raise, lift and transfer patients gradually from any position to ensure safety and comfort. The 180° split seat base allows it to effortlessly move most immobile patients, crippled people, and wheelchair users. The chair has a wide seat with a soft foam cushion and can be used as a commode chair.

[Safer Patient Transfers]:
Front and rear silent casters with a lock mechanism. You can securely stop the wheelchair. The back casters are 360° movable for you to turn in any direction. And easily adjustable rear back seat locks and front armrest fall prevention increase safety. Thicker steel pipe support frame, 2.0 thick steel pipe, safety protection.

[Bath Chair And Commode Chair]:
Convenient to use as a shower toilet since it allows the user to shower without changing seats or standing up. Commode Opening Allows quick and easy access to toileting and personal hygiene cleaning. Additional toilet bucket with a lid ​for users to comfortably use. Meanwhile, they can be easily engaged or released with the foot pedal. Allows users to enjoy bathing in a relaxing position.

[Professlonal & Home Use]:
This affordable portable patient lift is a great option for homecare equipment and is also perfect for nursing homes and medical facilities. This is a lightweight economical chair for accessible or roll-in showers where space is at a premium. It is great for the elderly, disabled, and handicapped patients. Not suitable for patients with general paralysis. Maximum load capacity 290lb. 290 lb safe working load fits people between 4’5″ and 6’6″ tall.

Hydraulic Lifting Transfer Chair Parameter details

Application Case

Use Case 1:Transfer to Bed
Transfer to Bed

Use Case 2:Transfer to Sofa
Transfer Chair to Sofa

Use Case 3:Transfer to Toilet
Transfer to Toilet

Use Case 4:Work and Reading
Transfer Chair Work and Reading

Use Case 5:Emergency bedpan for toileting
Transfer Chair Emergency bedpan for toileting
2022 New Product Hydraulic Lifting Transfer Chair
We are supplying unique rehab products for users with different purposes and disabilities including electric transfer chairs, electric folding wheelchairs, smart medical beds, trolleys for cerebral palsy patients, and so on.

We make only quality products in relatively small quantities. Based on the knowledge and research of target groups, With our internal R&D team and production facility, we can turn our own imagination into reality.

I am very glad that you contacted us so that you can enjoy the ex-factory price and professional foreign trade service system.


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