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Inflatable Cervical Collar

  • Item: Neck traction
  • Size: Adult free size
  • OEM: Accept OEM
  • Application: Neck support for cervical after surgery
  • Feature: Elastic, adjustable, lightweight, comfortable, etc


  • Suitable for cervical spondylosis, cervical vertebra bone hyperplasia and other people.


  • According to ergonomic design – the former is low, to avoid the extrusion of the neck sensitive parts, the use of safety, wearing more comfortable.
  • Using a large latex ball, inflatable time is short, streamlined design, beautiful and durable.

Size: Adult Free Size

inflatable neck air traction

Wear Steps:
1. Open all the Velcro used for bonding the cervical collar and place it in a suitable position around the neck, with the opening in front of the neck.

2. According to the size of the patient’s neck circumference, adjust the front side Velcro of the cervical collar to stick it to a proper position and stick the Velcro to make it fixed.

3. Close the deflation nut on the inflation valve, open the stop valve, and inflate the inner bladder of the retractor until the patient feels the supportive force, then close the stop valve to prevent slow deflation.

Washing Instruction:
Read this instruction carefully.

  • No wring.
  • No ironing.
  • No dry-cleaning.
  • No machinery dryer.
  • Hang in a ventilative environment.
  • Avoid bleaching liquid and chlorine disinfectant.


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