Infusion Cart

  • Type: Hospital Furniture
  • Model: YJ-B050
  • Material: ABS
  • Feature: Multi-function
  • Application: Hospital Clinic

Agent price hospital medical cart ABS emergency medical crash trolley

ABS Hospital medical infusion cart:It is made of high grade ABS Plastic,with one lockable drawer,four green drawers.This Medical infusion cart is used to transport drugs for patients, store medicine bottles, etc., and can give an infusion to patients anytime and anywhere.


Name ABS Hospital Medical Trolley
Model YJ-B050 Medical trolley
Dimension 690*500*1550mm
Net weight 57kg
Gross weight 63kg
Structure ABS body, four green drawers, one lockable drawer, two rows of stainless steel infusion racks, two cleaning buckets, one storage basket and one stainless steel handle

Infusion Cart Features

1.The surface of the handcart is made of high-quality plastic with strong bearing capacity.
2.There are five drawers, one of which can be locked, which has higher safety. The drawer adopts high-strength three-section silent slide rail, which is smooth, quiet, noiseless and has large bearing capacity.
3.The infusion stand is made of stainless steel, which is easy to assemble and disassemble and resistant to corrosion.
4.There are two cleaning buckets on the left side and a storage basket on the right side, which is convenient for storing things.
5.There is a guardrail at the top of the cart, and items can also be placed above it, which is not easy to fall off.
6. Adopt silent casters without noise interference.


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