Knee Pad

  • Item name: Heating knee brace
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Free size
  • Magnet: 6+6 pieces
  • Feature: Adjustable, heating
  • Instrument classification: Class I
  • OEM: Custom logo, label or packaging
Model Self-heating magnetic knee for pain-free
Material Neoprene
Function keep warm function
Product name Tourmaline Knee Pad
Magnet 6+6 pcs
Feature Self-heating, magnetic
Quantity 1 pair
Application Daily life
Sample Free (stocked)
Delivery time 1-5 days
OEM Custom logo, label, packaging

magnetic knee pad

knee Pad Faq

Q1. What is the black point on the removable pad?
A: It is made of tourmaline with pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects. It can release energy, negative ion, far infrared thermal through the energy of the skin. Then it can relieve back pain, tension, fatigue, and keep the back warm.

Q2. How long should I wear it?
A: We suggest that you should wear it for 2-3 hours one day. Of course, you can wear it according to your condition. But if you feel it is very hot, please take it off.

Q3. How long does it take to release heat?
A: Generally, one can feel hot in 15 minutes or so.

Q4. What should I do to make it warm soon?
A: You can wipe the heating part with a wet towel, then it can be warm soon.

Q5. How to wash these knee pads?
A: You cannot dip the heating part into the water. You can wash the other parts by hand.

Q6. Can you send samples?
A: Yes. Samples are available and the delivery time of samples is within 24 hours after confirming.

Q7. I find your product is similar to what I want. Can you make the exact product I want?
A: Yes. We are a manufacturer and welcome OEM/ODM. You can send us the sample, pictures, or idea about the exact product you want. We can make the sample for you.

neoprene knee belt


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