Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

  1. Type: Wheelchair
  2. Net weight: 12 kg
  3. Load capacity: 130 kg
  4. Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
  5. Additional features: with handbrake, anti-skid
  6. Shopping hotspots: thicker cushions, widened wheelchairs, foldable backs

Wheelchair Manufacturer From China

It is mainly designed for young and fashionable disabled people, and its appearance has become very fashionable, due to the use of aluminum alloy and sprayed with high-performance powder coatings. It is still a wheelchair, but its color is very attractive. Youjie Technology can provide you with wheelchairs of various models and sizes.
The wheelchair is made of lightweight carbon steel material and can be easily folded without installation. It is soft and cold-resistant and more comfortable. The thickened steel has strong load-bearing capacity, and the mesh fabric has good air permeability.

Advantages of Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

  1. Widened seat design, comfortable and durable, ergonomic design
  2. Breathable imported fabric, refreshing and comfortable, making travel easier
  3. Non-pneumatic tires, good wear resistance, solid wheels
  4. The wheelchair can be lifted with one hand, easy to carry
  5. Reinforced design of the frame, not easy to be deformed and damaged, and the body is stable and durable
  6. The front wheel is inclined at 5°, the center of gravity is shifted back, and the pushing is more labor-saving and easier

Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Technical Parameters

Color Pink, Grey, Red, Goldg
Net weight 12 kg
Total size of wheelchair 1040*690*930mm
Wheelchair folding size 810*330*740mm
Front wheel size 190 mm Solid Tire
Rear wheel size 590 mm Solid Tire
Seat width 440 mm
Seat length 500 mm
Material Aluminum alloy
Backrest height 400mm


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