Lumbar Massager

  • Name: Lumbar Therapy Massager
  • Type: Massage Cushion
  • Application: Body
  • Massage Area: Waist
  • Function: Timing control, Infrared Physiotherapy
  • Material: ABS+PU leather
  • Logo: Customized Logo Available
  • OEM/ODM: Acceptable
  • Certificate: MSDS
  • Usage: Personal Health Care
  • Crowd: Petty bourgeoisie, Office or Home
Product Name: Low-medium frequency lumbar massager
Weight: 2.45KG
Product Size: 365 * 325 * 82mm
Main Functions: electric pulse, hot moxibustion, stretching, magnet, massage

1. Multifunctional lumbar treatment equipment:
Occipital traction, electric pulse therapy, electromagnetic therapy, hyperthermia, infrared therapy.

2. Treatment:
Arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle tension, rheumatism.

3. Equipment Features:
Intelligent voice, one-button operation. Various technologies, scientific waist.

4. Principle:
Traction, relieve muscle pressure. The red light is very hot and the temperature is very high. Low intermediate frequency electric pulse magnetic effect, multi-point massage.

Two-way square wave electrotherapy with a frequency of 1Hz-1500Hz, which can be combined with 6 prescription modes and 16 levels of intensity adjustment to meet the needs of different degrees of physical therapy.
lumbar massager functional

Lumbar Massager Description
1. Ergonomics Lumbar Curve Traction Stretching
lumbar massager parameters

2. Constant Temperature Hot Compress
The temperature is as high as 48℃, the massage is more warm and comfortable.

3. Red Light Irradiation
The massager irradiates the lower bank with red light, and the red light photons penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the lumbar vertebrae to play a series of benign reactions curing the damaged lumbar vertebrae.

4. Lie Down
Helps return to normal physiological curvature of the spine.
waist massager lie down

5. Sit
Provide straps comfortable seat massage back function.
waist massage china

6. Functional Upgrade Full Body Pulse Massage
Comes with an electrode patch used with low-frequency electric pulse function it can be attached to different parts of the body massage nerve and muscle pain to meet diverse massage needs.


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