Luxury Electric Wheelchair

  1. Driving Range: 30km
  2. Charging time: 7-8h
  3. Configuration: indoor/outdoor
  4. Maximum Speed Range: 6-10 km/h
  5. Application: Useful for the handicapped patients

Programmable adjustable joystick and can be used by left and right side of chair.Portable fold seat, foot plate adjustable.Main frame made of Electroplating steel pipe.

Luxury Electric Wheelchair Manufacturer From China

As we all know, China is called the factory of the world, most of the products on the market come from China, and Chinese wheelchairs are exported all over the world. Using Youjie Tech, you can enjoy the price of the factory; customized models of special wheelchairs and a series of services.
The wheelchairs we produced were not uploaded to the website in time. If you can’t find the wheelchair model you want on the website, you can send us an email directly, and we will reply to you in time and provide a detailed product catalog.

Performance of Luxury Electric Wheelchair

1. Hot Wheels Cool Design
High-value appearance highlights high quality
2. X-shaped bracket design
Choose bold light steel material, double fork chassis, stronger support, stability and safety
3. Brake system
EABS braking system, ramp packaging is safer
4. 360° joystick + button
360° intelligent controller, more sensitive operation
5. 20A lithium battery
Standard 20A lithium battery, lightweight and environmentally friendly, strong endurance, 30 kilometers of endurance
6. Comfortable pillow
Comfortable headrest design, customized three-section free adjustment, bringing you a more comfortable travel experience
7. Open and close the armrest
Humanized opening and closing design, can be freely stretched, connected with the bed and chair, convenient to get on and off the wheelchair
8. Aluminum alloy wheels
Full body metallic paint with aluminum alloy wheels, showing quality when restrained

Technical Specification

Frame Material Steel
Motors DC250W*2pcs
Brake Electronic Brake
Charger AC220, 50hz,1.8A
Charging time 7-8h
Max speed 6km/h
Driving distance 30km
Product size 1150*660*910mm
Fronts Casters 10″ solid tyre
Rear Wheels 24″ solid tyre
Seat height 480mm
Seat width 460mm
Seat depth 445mm
Carrying Capacity 120kg
Climbing 8-15°
Frame Color Blue/Sliver
Seat Cunshion Color Blue/Red/Black
Package Size


Model Number


Driving distance


With 24V 24AH Lithium Battery

Net Weight:37kgs / Gross Weight: 42kgs

With 24V 12AH Lead Acid Battery

Net Weight:45kgs / Gross Weight: 50kgs


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