Manual Operation Transfer Chair

  • Seat width: 43cm
  • Max load: 125kgs
  • With safety belt: Yes
  • Suitable for: Elderly under 75kgs
  • With Bedpan as commode chair: Yes
  • Seat height lifting range: 45cm – 62cm range above floor
  • Main Function: transfer patient from bed to toilet/shower and bath

Hot Design Patient Transfer Commode Chair with Wheel

During the medical treatment of patients, patients sometimes need to be transferred, and a transfer chair is usually used to transfer patients when patients are transferred, which reduces the risk of transfer, at the same time it is easy to move the patient’s body to the bed, bathroom, toilet, and other places, improve the safety of transport.

Manual Transfer Chair Main advantages:

  1. Labor-saving: the open-back design easily lifts people from beds, toilets, and dining tables to chairs.
  2. Push in two directions: primarily in front of the user, and from behind.
  3. The load capacity is 125kg.
  4. It comes with a toilet and can be used as a toilet seat for the convenience of users and caregivers.

Popular with:

  • Family
  • Public and private hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers

Technical Parameter

Product Name Manual Transfer Chair
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Backrest Material PE
Detachable Yes, can put in a car
Seat Height Adjustable Yes, by shaking the crank
Seat Height Lift Range 45cm-62cm range above floor
Max Load 125kg
Seat Width 43cm
Seat Depth 43cm
Package Dimension 750*600*350mm
Gross Weight 25kg

How do you get the cushion under the patient?

You can put the patient on the cushion in advance and then move the transfer chair close to the patient, first open one side of the chair, put the chair under the patient’s cushion, and then open the other side to sit on it.


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