Massage Shawl

  • Product Name: Kneading Massage Shawl
  • Material: PU
  • Gear: 3 Gears
  • Massage Heads: 16
  • Physiotherapy Mode: Infrared
  • Way Power Supply: Car Power Supply, AC
  • Function: Timing, Infrared Physiotherapy
  • Massage Principle: Hot Compress, Vibration

Take care of your neck, shoulders, and back to let your body get rid of heavy loads
Working more than 8 hours a day, shoulder and neck pain is unbearable, a 3D kneading massage shawl will solve your troubles and let you experience different comfort during rest.


Product Name Kneading Massage Shawl
Material PU leather
Package size 500*300*30mm
Product weight 1.6kg
Rated power 24W
Rated voltage 12V
Rated time 15mins
Number of massage heads 16
Gear 3 gears
Applications Home, car, office

Product Description:
1. 3D Kneading
3D kneading movement, simulating positive and negative kneading, three-speed force adjustment, Hot compress, foldable shawl design, finely selected PU leather.

2. Two modes of positive and negative kneading massage
Combination of positive and negative, massage and knead in depth.
Two modes kneading massage

3. Two groups of eight heads deep massage
The 3D massage technique of simulating human hand grasping and pinching the shoulder and neck relaxes the shoulder and neck.
The dual functions of circular rotation and hot compress massage allow the shoulder and neck muscles to be comfortably massaged.

4. High elastic ABS plastic massage head
Using kneading, pinching, pressing, and other techniques.
Constant temperature hot compress, stable and balanced temperature.

5. Multifunctional Massager Shawl
Neck Massage, Shoulder Massage, Back Massage, Waist Massage, Leg Massage, Foot Massage.
Multifunctional massager shawl

6. Pocket hanging handle
A practical and convenient pocket-type hanging hand design can increase the kneading force by pulling down the hanging hand when in use.
Pocket hanging handle

7. Hidden zipper puller
Concealed zipper puller design to prevent scratches and misoperations.
Hidden zipper puller

8. Convenient plug
Recessed plug-in hole, the power cord is firmly connected and not easy to fall off.
Convenient plug

9. Breathable mesh fabric
Made of durable, breathable, and comfortable mesh fabric.
Breathable mesh fabric

The product accessories are complete and all are packed in a packing box.
Electric Shoulder Massage


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