Medical Air Cushion

Medical Air Cushion effect principle: the formation of ventilation, heat dissipation, dehumidification and other small environments between the patient and the mattress contact surface, can improve the cause of the damp heat caused by pressure sores

What is Anti-Decubitus Mattress?

Medical Air Cushion designed for those with superficial established pressure sore or with existing tissue damaged,or assessed to be a low risk or be at medium risk,even at very high risk of pressure sore development. It can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement. It has been proven clinically beneficial and suitable for all healthcare environments.
The mattress is made from ripple tubes,and the pump is with double air vents to make the mattress being alternating pressure to keep skin dry and massage full body to anti bedsore and care patients and the order.

Application of Medical Air Cushion

  1. Paralysis caused by disease
  2. Elderly people who are bedridden for a long time due to old age
  3. Patients who are bedridden due to accidents or diseases
  4. Anyone who is less active and bedridden for a long time due to other reasons
  5. Air cushion is suitable for various bed types
  6. Anyone who has been inactive for a long time due to other reasons

Professional Design 130 air cells of the alternating pressure pad would be automatically inflated and deflated alternately through the consistent cyclic airflow to create a therapeutic sleeping surface, which helps optimize weight redistribution and reduce pressure spots, effective in the prevention and relief of ulcers, an essential for a patient who has to lie for long.

Technical Parameters

Product name Medical Air Cushion with pump
Product Model Ordinary Style/Convenient Hole Style
Material PVC
Color Beige/Light Blue/Navy Blue
Maximum load 135kg
Style Micro-hole design, alternative pressure
Size 2000*900mm
Air pump Quiet design, rest assured
Scope of application long-term bedridden patients or the elderly



Foldable, Removable Cover, Foldable, inflatable


Medical PVC

Brand Name

Youjie Tech

working type

Electirc pump


Relieve pressure, anti bedsore




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