Medical Anesthesia Cart

  • Type: Anesthesia Trolley for hospital
  • Model: YJ-B045
  • Material: ABS
  • Specific Use: Hospital Equipment

ABS Medical Anesthesia Hospital Cart Anesthesia Trolley Manufacturer China

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Adopt 75mm wanxiang wheel 4, high wear-resistant, noiseless and stable. The cart is firm, beautiful and easy to operate.

  1. The ABS anesthesia cart body is divided into two parts, the upper large volume lockers, the drawer adopts the mute slide track, and the drawing is relaxed and flexible.  Can deposit disposable infusion, cotton swab, gauze etc. convenient and practical.
  2. With high quality and high quality silent caster, with a load of 50kg, it is easy to be flexible, no snake walk and abnormal noise.
  3. Mainly composed of aluminum·steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; aluminum alloy four-pillar load-bearing.

medical anesthesia carts standard accessories

Medical Anesthesia Cart Main Feature

  1. luxury universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function.
  2. Lateral side with pushing handle and plastic waste bin.

Standard Accessories

  1. defibrillator shelf 1 pc
  2. IV stand
  3. 1 hanging box
  4. 2 dust box without cover
  5. ABS CPR board
  6. oxygen tank holder
  7. 220V power outlet with hooks


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