Medical Emergency Trolley

  • Size: 815*530*960mm
  • Net weight: 50kg
  • Gross weight: 55kg
  • Model: YJ-B021

China Hospital Equipment Trolley Medical Emergency Cart Supplier

  1. It is welded by high-quality cold-rolled color steel plates, the whole is firm and reliable, polished and smooth, and beautiful;
  2. Multi-layer drawer design, various medicines can be placed according to needs;
  3. Equipped with high-quality silent and wear-resistant casters, noiseless, flexible, dual bearings, no rust, strong and durable.

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Size: 815*530*960mm
Net weight: 50kg
Gross weight: 55kg

Standard Configrations

Straight handle(1)
Side hang box(1)
Type A trash can(2)
Telescopic IV stand(1)
Handwritten workbench

Optional Accessories

Recovery board
220V power socket
Oxygen tank support


  1. The main body is made of ABS engineering plastics, aluminum alloy frame structure.
  2. The drawer USES gold plastic ABS material modular design,steel structure collision with soft PVC package.

Emergency Trolley Application

It is suitable for all kinds of large hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, mental hospitals and major daily medical carts. To a large extent, it can reduce the burden on caregivers.


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