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Medical Finger Splint

  • Type: Finger Cot Splint
  • Function: Treatment
  • Application: Finger Support
  • Properties: Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
  • Instrument classification: Class I
  • Size: Adult Left/Right
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 5.5/kg per box
  • OEM Service: Available
  • Certificate: CE ISO
  • Packing: Box

Made of polymer materials, fabric, leather, and metal materials. It is worn or placed on the body surface of the limb to maintain limb stability by limiting limb movement, etc.

1. Velcro straps are removable, easy to clean, and flexible to use.

2. adjustable straps, easy to wear, suitable for different sizes of fingers.

3. High-strength alloy splint, strong and durable, light to wear.

4. Soft sponge, skin-friendly protection, comfortable wearing experience.

Scope of Application:
1. hemiplegic patients, finger bending.

2. Post-operative finger immobilization.

3. Hammer finger, sprain, fracture, or dislocation on the end finger joint.

4. Prevents flexion and extension of the DIP and PIP joints.

S 5CM, M 7CM, L 9CM

Five Advantages:
1. Aluminum splint, strong fixation
Suitable for patients with finger bone fracture or interphalangeal joint bending contracture, it can keep the distal and proximal interphalangeal joints of the fingers completely straightened, with upgraded fixation effect and strong correction effect.

2. Reverse bending protection, fingertip fixation
Reverse bend design, for distal phalangeal (fingertip) injury, sprain, fracture, and dislocation after fixation protection, upgrade the protection effect, accelerate recovery.

3. Soft sponge padding
Comfortable skin-friendly sponge padding, soft and comfortable to the touch without tightening, simple strap structure, reducing the wrapping area, breathable and non-stuffy, more conducive to recovery.

4. Elastic adjustable straps
Longer Velcro straps, firmly attached, not loose and not displaced, adjustable elasticity, thoughtful design, simple adjustment and easy to put on, removable, fixed without effort.

5. Aluminum alloy breathable round hole
The outer alloy plate is perforated breathable, double breathable, protects the affected area is not stuffy wound, more comfortable to wear.


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