Double Row Medical Record Trolley

  • Model: YJ-B014
  • Size: 830*450*860mm
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Type: Hospital Furniture
  • Application: Hospital Clinic

Good price ABS Plastic Hospital Equipment Medical Record Cart Treatment Medical Trolley

Hospital patient record trolley is made of plastic with higher strength. The structure is firm, stable, safe and reliable.It can be used to store and transport patients’ medical records, and is usually suitable for medical occasions such as hospitals and clinics.
Youjie Tech has rich experience in cooperating with rehabilitation centers and hospitals and provides one-stop service. We can provide professional technical and product support according to your special requirements for product functions.We can provide customers with the necessary documents required for bidding.

Standard Accessories

Specification: 40/50/60frames(with no drawers)
Material: all plastic ABS material
Net weight: 22kg
Gross weight: 27kg


Name ABS Platic Hospital Equipment Record Cart Treatment Medical Trolley
Model YJ-B014 Medical trolley
Dimesion 830*450*860mm
Wheels Four Medical mute directional wheels
Structure Plastic body, double-row large medical record space, four silent wheels and a drawer

Features of Medical Record Trolley

1.The whole medical record cart is made of plastic with higher strength. The structure is firm, stable, safe and reliable.
2.This product is equipped with a large-capacity medical record space and a drawer. Its internal performance and service life reach the advanced level of similar equipment.
3.The medical record car has a lock, which has high safety and prevents privacy leakage.


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