Menstrual Period Belt

  • Type: Slimming belt massager
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Color: Customized
  • Function: Heat, Vibration
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • Material: Customized(mesh or plush)


Feature 1. Type C USB charge, In-put: DC5V; 0.8A
2. 1 N20 vibration massage motor
3. Battery capacity:1800mAh (No.: 803450)
4. 3 Seconds fast heating, use nanoalloy hot wire, Tempreter range is 45,50,55℃
5. Intelligent Thermostat Control
6. 4 levels of vibration function to choose, from to relieve pain by vibration
7. 3 Levels of heating function to choose, 45,55,65 degrees.
8. It needs 2 hours for full charge, usually can be used in about 2 hours
9. Easy to operate, one button for power and vibration, one button for heating
10. Smart, light, and slim design, easy to carry, can used at anywhere;
Application health care, massager

PI Metal Heating

  • Far-infrared Heat Compress Warm Palace Waist Protector
  • The PI metal heating film is energized to release far-infrared waves to the subcutaneous tissue layer to drive away the cold and effectively relieve menstrual pain.

Smart Security Chip Constant Temperature

  • Built-in smart chip with multiple protections to protect you and her safety

One-Button Start

  • 3-Speed Intelligent Temperature Adjustment
  • Adopt NTC intelligent system for temperature control, 3 levels of temperature, and constant temperature hot compress.

Warm Up Against The Cold Multi-Part Care

  • Multi-directional conditioning of the body, special aluminum foil heat conduction, 90% increase in the heating area.
  • Covering Multi-Frequency Massage, Warm And Nourish Multiple Acupoints
  • Using NTC intelligent system to control temperature, a constant temperature hot compress can effectively promote blood circulation, stabilize nerves, and promote metabolism.

Four-Speed Vibration Massage

  • Massage More Closely To The Waist And Abdomen
  • Massage the acupoints to fundamentally relieve the pain of Aunt Gong Han

Menstrual belt massager
Four Levels Of Intensity Adjustment

  • Multi-level intensity adjustment, silent, and no sleep disturbance adapt to the demand for massage intensity under different conditions.
  • Noise Reduction And Mute Design Don’t Disturb

Intelligent noise reduction function design

  • Silent noise reduction, no light, and silent warmth, guarding every good dream

Curved plush

  • Curved Plush Naked Skin Is More Comfortable
  • Naked skin is more comfortable

Two Colors

  • Girlish pink+ ivory white
  • Two-color design, providing two different options


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