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Neck Support Brace

  • Product Name: Cervical Collar
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 0.5KG
  • Material: Plastic
  • Service: ODM OEM Service

Product Description:
Mainly made of plastic board, Velcro, sponge pad, and other materials.

Main Performance:
Orthopedic trauma surgery supporting tools can be reused.

Scope of Application:
Used for fixing or supporting bones during fracture fixation.


SIZE Height(cm) Weight(kg) Age
Child(S) <90 <15 9 months-2 years
Child(M) 90-130 15-30 2 years-7 years
Child(L) 130-165 30-60 7 years-18 years
Adult(S) 165-170 60-70
Adult(M) 170-180 70-80
Adult(L) >180 >80

Prevention and adjuvant treatment of cervical syndromes such as cervical spondylopathy and cervical muscle strain; fixation of cervical spine fractures; fixation of the neck during rehabilitation after cervical spondylosis surgery.

Product Characteristic:
The ergonomic design fully ensures the stability of the cervical collar. the inner lining is made of a soft sponge, which has good air permeability and is comfortable to wear.

Could lightly wipe the product with clean water to clean it, dry it naturally under ventilative environment. Avoid bleaching liquid and washing machine, avoid long-time exposure under the sun.

Install the product with the help of professional doctors.

1. Stop using the product if suffering skin allergies.
2. It is contraindicated when unidentified lumps appear on the skin.
3. This product is not suitable for patients with bleeding symptoms.
4. It is not suitable for patients with skin ulcer symptoms.

Transportation and storage:
The product could be transported through normal transportation methods, but it might be destroyed by rain or snow. Keep the product away from poisonous or corrosive substances during transportation.
Should be stored in a ventilative and dry indoor warehouse, to keep the product away from acidic corrosive substances. Store it in fireproofing condition.


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