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Plastic Cervical Collar

  • Type: Cervical Collar
  • Material: Plastic
  • Certificate: ISO, CE
  • Characteristic: Double Buckle
  • Properties: Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
  • Application: Neck support for cervical after surgery
  • OEM Service: Available

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It is made of polymer foam board, plastic board, plastic bracket, nylon hook and loop fastener, string, leather, sponge, rivet, and other materials.


Model Neck circumference(cm)
S 37-42
M 42-47
L 47-52
XL 52-57


  • A high-grade adjustment button can adjust the height of the neck, in accordance with the needs of the different bone proportions of the population.
  • Good air permeability, easy to wear.
  • Back support board air holes design improved greater lengthways vertical support.


  • Ideal use for prevention and auxiliary treatment of cervical vertebra syndromes, such as cervical spondylosis and cervical muscle strain, etc, and neck support for cervical spondylosis rehabilitation after surgery.

Adjustable Medical Neck Support
Well ventilated support plate to increase cool and comfort. Double buckle structure to ensure the best-fixed effect.


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