Reclining Power Wheelchair YJEW053

  1. Adjustable backrest angle to 160°
  2. Heavy duty to load 150kg
  3. Frame: Carbon steel
  4. Brake: E-ABS brake system and manual brake
  5. Manual/power mode switch
  6. Lead-acid battery
  7. Seat size: 450mm, 520mm, 560mm

Reclining power wheelchair manufacturer in China

The reclining power wheelchair has a soft and comfortable backrest and head pillow, which can better disperse the patient’s weight and provide better support to improve the patient’s stability and comfort. Secondly, the electric wheelchair protects the patient’s head and neck and reduces neck and back pain caused by prolonged sitting or incorrect posture. Thirdly, the backrest of the power wheelchair is adjustable, which can meet the different needs of patients and provide more personalized support.

Features of reclining power wheelchairs

  1. The battery is with lead-acid battery, and it can be dismantled freely and easily.
  2. The armrest can be lifted to make it convenient for the users to get on and get off.
  3. The fame of wheelchair is made of carbon steel, and the max loading is 150kg.
  4. This wheelchair can be switched between electric and manual.
  5. With a backrest and head pillow, it will be more comfortable for the users.
  6. The angle of the backrest is adjustable to 160° to make it to meet the user’s needs.

Product Parameters

Item  Reclining power wheelchair YJEW053
Expanding size 1220*650*1280 mm
Folding Size 820*400*710 mm
Base Width 450mm, 520mm, 560mm
The Motor Power 24V DC250W*2
Battery Type 12AH/20AH Lead-acid battery
Controller Intelligent Controller/360°
Max Load Weight 150KG
Range 10-20KM
Speed Per Hour 0-6KM(5 Gears)
The Vehicle Weight 40KG+10KG(Battery)
Climbing Ability ≤13°
The Front Wheel Size 10″(material:rubber, Aluminum hub)
The Rear Wheel Size 16″(material:pneumatic tire, Aluminum hub)
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