Scraping Massage

  • Product Name: Electric cupping therapy massager
  • Charging time: 120min
  • Size: 90*77.5*30MM
  • Use time: 90-100 minutes
  • Advantage: 3D vibration/red light therapy/hot compress
  • Features: Heating function, warm Gua Sha/Bianstone negative pressure, painless
  • Functions: Relieve body fatigue / improve skin / anti-aging / Activating blood to remove blood stasis

Scraping Massage Advantage

1. Warm skin enjoy the warmth
Covers people with different heat tolerance, NTC prevents overheating induction Multi-level precise temperature control, continuously warming the body.

2. High-frequency micro-vibration whole-body tremor massage
Multi-level vibration adjustment, massage to relax the body.

3. Bilateral red light deep irradiation conditioning
Bilateral red light irradiation, synergistic hot compress function Open the pores, deepen the pores.

4. Wireless long battery life portable battery when going out
Ultra-mini size, portable
Built-in large-capacity lithium battery
No worries for long-term use


Product Name Black Bian Stone Multi-function Needle Massager
Color White
Charging Parameters 5V===2A
Weight 100g
Rated power 16W
Battery Capacity 3260mAh
Features Natural Bianstone, Multi-speed adjustment, Gua sha scraping, Easy control

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Scraping Massage Adapt To The Crowd

TARGET CONSUMERS: People with over-fatigue
FUNCTION EFFECT: Relieve body fatigue and improve skin
Anti-freckle, beauty, and anti-aging
Activating blood, removing blood stasis, relaxing muscles, and collaterals

Guasha cosmetology shaping stone needle pusher

  1. Round and delicate mini and elegant.
  2. The exquisite and mini shapes can be held in hand.
  3. Smooth and skin-friendly touch, can’t put in down.

Bian Stone scraping, multistage hot compress, vibration massage, red light care, super Mini body shape, wireless long battery life.

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