Shoulder Knee Massager

  • Certification: CE
  • Material: Cotton, ABS
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Application: shoulder & knee, Support Dual-use
  • Suitable for: Men and Women
  • Not suitable for: Children
  • Feature1: Heating
  • Feature2: Vibration
  • Feature3: With Moxibustion
  • Feature4: Wireless Electric Massage
  • Package: Original Box

The Third Generation of Knee Pads
Brand new self-developed[All-In-One]
Massage heating knee pads, breaking the cumbersome and cumbersome design of traditional knee pads.
Massage knee pads, light and warm.

third generation of knee pads


Product Name Massage Warm Knee Pads
Rated Voltage 5V
Timing 30min
Massage Intensity 3gears
Battery Capacity 5000mAh
Temperature Gear 45℃ 50℃ 55℃

Knee & Shoulder Massager Ten Core Technologies

1. Wireless & knee pads Can also be used for walking

  • Like a close lover who always follows.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Companion is everywhere.

2. Flagship performance, Evolve again

  • One machine with multiple functions, transforms in one second, hot compress massage around the shoulders.

3. 3D loop knee massage, Relieve knee pressure

  • “Knee ring” massages the important points of the knee accurately, covering more massage area.
  • Relieve stress and adjust knee sub-health state.

4. 3 levels of intensity selection, Flexible adjustment of massage intensity

  • Experience the relaxation state from shallow to deep, adapt to the demand for massage intensity in different states.

5. Understand your needs

  • Warm heart and gift, warmth upgrade, from now on, I will warm you up.
  • 55 degrees, give you just the right amount of warmth.

knee pad temperature

6. Far-infrared heating knee pad thermal technology

  • The heat released by far-infrared can quickly penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue and effectively relieve pain.
  • A special far-infrared fiber layer goes deep into the skin 3-5mm to warm directly to the deep muscles.

knee pad far infrared

7. New experience of moxibustion health care with moxa

  • Combines modern knee support technology with traditional moxibustion to achieve no open fire moxa.
  • Gentle moxibustion, breathable and familiar, save knee dampness and cold.

8. 360° seamless fit, Firm support

  • Designed according to the physiological bending of the human knee joint.
  • Ergonomic design, double magic tape tightly adjust, give better protection to the knee.

9. Long battery life, One charge continue to care for a week

  • Use environmentally friendly low-consumption lithium battery, 5000mAh large capacity, give you more lasting care.
  • *Use once a day, 30 minutes at a time, charge once can be used for one week.

10. Smart technology screen, Simpler control

  • Smart touch control, big screen, the elderly can easily operate.

shoulder massager smart touch control


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