Shower Transfer Chair

  • Type: Superior Model Transfer Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 120KG
  • Package Size: 710*575*330(mm)
  • Adjustable Height Range of Seat:42~60cm

Transfer elderly from bed to sofa/toilet/some king wheelchair

Are you worried about elderly people with limited mobility?
There were 703 million persons aged 65 years or over in the world in 2019. The number of older persons is projected to double to 1.5 billion in 2050. About 10% of these older persons have mobility problems. how to care for these elderly people are concerned by their children. If you need to care for your parents with limited mobility or are bed-ridden, What do you regard as the most difficult part? move them from Bed to commode, give them a happy bath? Or transfer them to a wheelchair for an outside walk?

Are you tired of taking care of the bedridden patient

  • Disabled
  • Long-term bedridden
  • Postoperative recovery
  • Difficult transfer with a single hold
  • Patients with leg and foot inconvenience
  • Easy to cause the secondary injury to a patient

Injuries to caregivers and to patients during caring

Type of injuries to caregivers Percent
Back pain alone 41%
Back pain and other muscular injuries 9%
Muscular aches and pains only 17%
Hernia 5%
Twisted Knee 3%
Any injury 75%
Type of injuries to patients Percent
Fall 34%
Knocked on equipment 5%
Any injury 39%

How to give parents safe and quality home care?
Actually it is really easy to solve this position transfer problem, Our patient transfer chair is designed for this purpose.

With a back open design, a caregiver can easily transfer the patient from bed to commode or move the patient from bed to shower. A patient transfer chair is a simple but practical and economic care assistant, which can help you transfer and lift disabled or elderly people.

This back open transfer chair can help an elderly person with limited mobility, and also disabled groups. The transfer chair can transfer patients from bed to toilet or bathroom for shower with ease, no need to carry the patient, no need to worry about falling down, safe enough.

Application of shower transfer chair
Transfer elderly from bed to sofa/toilet/some king wheelchair
shower chair for sitting bath

Shower transfer chair dimension and specification

Product name Transfer Chair(Superior Model)
Backrest color Blue
Product Material Spindle: 2.0 Medical Chrome plate Steel Pillar
Casters: Medical mute casters
Casters diameter: Front Casters 5 inches; Rear Casters 3 inches
Mainframe: 2.0 Electrophoresis Steel Pillar
Back-rest: ECO/Disposable foam molding medical PU
Seat plate: ABS and 2.0 Electrophoresis Steel board
Handrail: Eco-rubber
Complete machine: Electrophoresis waterproof materials
Back Opening Angle 360°
Product Size 700*470*940(mm)
Package Size 710*575*330(mm)
Minimum Passing Width 60cm
Adjustable Height Range of Seat 42~60cm
Brake Type Four casters by foot braking
Weight Capacity 120KG
Net Weight 21KG
Gross Weight 24KG

shower transfer chair specification


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