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Single Finger Splint

  • Type: Stabilizer splint baseball finger splints
  • Instrument classification: Class I
  • Function: Treatment
  • Application: Finger Splint
  • Properties: Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
  • Size: S M L
  • Material: Compound cloth
  • Weight: 5.5/kg per box
  • Certificate: ISO, CE
  • OEM Service: Available
  • Packing: Box

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Single finger splint can be shaped arbitrarily when the hand is fixed. This product is a medical device that protects the finger after an injury, such as cleaning and suturing the finger area.

In addition, it can fix and protect the injured finger and distal phalanges; it is effective in treating finger spasms after finger extension, finger injury, or long-term arthritis; it is also effective in treating finger tendon rupture and finger bone fracture.

In short, this product can be used to fix finger injuries or fractures.

This product has no side effects and no irritating smell. The product is made of a medical sponge on the inside and a metal plate on the outside, which is small enough to pass through x-ray and easy to use, and can be shaped by hand at will. The product is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Five Core Competencies:

1. Aluminum alloy fixed, sponge lining protection:
Aluminum material is a safe and environmentally friendly, smooth, and flat surface. Sponge lining, skin-friendly and soft, breathable. Moisture absorption and dryness without uniform heat, summer wear is also suitable.

2. Velcro pressure band:
Easy to fix, good adhesion, easy to paste. Velcro straps with strong adhesion and adjustable length elasticity, no need to worry about finger circumference.

3. Lightweight material:
Easy to wear, no pressure.

4. Reverse-curved design for protective fixation:
Fingertip reverse-curve design provides excellent protection for fingers.

5. Reusable:
The product can be washed in water, using soapy water/laundry detergent, etc. can be soaked hand wash. Easy to clean, can be used repeatedly.

easy adjust finger splint

Scope of use:

1. Finger joints, fracture fixation.
2. Finger strains, sprains fixation.
3. Rehabilitation fixation, prevention, and protection.
4. Hammer finger, sprains, distal and middle finger fractures.

Single Finger Splint Advantages:

  1. Reusable: easy to clean.
  2. Various sizes: complete size.
  3. Adjustable straps: fat and thin.
  4. Plasticized aluminum sheet: tough.
  5. Sponge liner: skin-friendly and soft.
  6. Lightweight material: breathable and heat dissipation.

1. If an allergic skin rash appears after use, please stop using immediately.
2. The brace must be worn comfortably, and does not affect blood circulation like this.
3. If the situation does not improve after use, please seek medical assistance.


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