Sport Manual Wheelchair

  1. Material: Aluminum Alloy
  2. Color: Yellow, Blue, Red
  3. Certificate: ISO 13485, CE, FDA
  4. Function: For disabled people
  5.  Brand: Youjie Tech

What is a sports wheelchair?

Sports wheelchairs are a kind of wheelchairs. Sports wheelchairs are different from ordinary wheelchairs. They have the characteristics of lighter weight, more flexibility, crash resistance, and shock absorption. Compared with ordinary wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs are faster.

Description of Aluminium Sport Manual Wheelchair

A special wheelchair designed according to the competition. It is light in weight and can run faster in outdoor applications. In order to reduce weight, in addition to using high-strength lightweight materials, some sports wheelchairs can not only remove the armrests and footrests, but also the handles of the backrest.

  1. Detachable wheels-small size after folding, easy to use and travel by car
  2. The double cross-shaped brackets enhance the safety of the structure
  3. Both cushion and backrest can be quickly removed, easy to clean or replace
  4. Small flexible front castor and inflatable rear wheel

At Amazon, we have a lot of professional seller customers. Youjie Tech is a professional sports wheelchair manufacturer. Our products have passed CE and FDA certification and can be successfully sold in European and American markets.

Technical parameters of Sport Manual wheelchair

Wheelchair length (mm) 1055
Opened wheelchair width (mm) 650
wheelchair height (mm) 920
Closed wheelchair width (mm) 350
Seat width (mm) 455
Front wheel (inch) 8″
Rear wheel (inch) 24″
Seat height (mm) 510
Seat depth (mm) 450
Backrest height (mm) 390
Armrest height (mm) 200
Distance between armrests (mm) 450
Height between footrests and ground (mm) 100
Bearing load (kg) 100
Net weight (kg) 17.4


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