Three Cranks Manual Hospital Bed

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What is Three Cranks Manual Hospital Bed?

Three Cranks Manual Hospital Bed has the functions of lifting back, lifting legs, and lifting the whole bed, which can promote the blood circulation of the patient’s legs, reduce the muscle atrophy, tissue necrosis, edema and other phenomena caused by the limbs being immobile for a long time, and at the same time avoid The center of gravity of getting on and off the bed is not stable, which leads to falling and bumping, which is convenient for users to get on and off the bed.

Manual Hospital Bed description

1.Cold Rolled Steel : ASTM testing anti-bacterial;Brightness 60°.
2.Mattress : 2cm foam+4cm palm Removable bedspread.
3.Guardrail : Environment ABS Sterilized in 100℃.
4.Casters : All-direction casters; Smooth and easy.
5.Brake : Unique brake system;Easy and convenient.

Manual invisible crank

Technical parameters

Product name Manual Hospital Bed
 Size 2080*1100*450-750 mm
 Control Manual – 3 cranks
 Bed Baosteel from Fortune Global 500, anti-bacterial, paint thickness 0.12 mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50 kg impact
 Head/footboard ABS head/footboard, environmental plastic, sterilized in 100℃, tensile up to 30Mpa
 Backrest lifting 0°-75°
 Leg lifting 0°-35°
 Load capacity 200kg
 Guardrails Can be put down to move the old people or the patients
 Casters Quiet and brake casters * 4pcs
 Accessories  Mattress, dinner table, IV pole

2080*1100*450-750 mm


3 cranks


Central all-direction casters


Steel, ABS


Backrest, kneerest, adjustable height




IV pole, borad, guardrail, mattress


Hospital, clinic, shelter

Model Number



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