Three Function Medical Bed

  1. Height:450-750 mm
  2. Max loading:250 kg
  3. Material:Steel & ABS Plastic
  4. Size:2080*1050*450-750 mm
  5. Function:Kneerest, backrest, transfer

Description of Three Function Medical Bed

1.Casters : All-direction casters; Smooth and easy; Foot to brake.
2.Table : Environmental ABS; Removable design.
3.Guardrail : Environment ABS Sterilized in 100℃; Liftable to transfer.
4.Cold Rolled Steel : ASTM testing anti-bacterial;Brightness 60°; Loading 200kg.
5.Mattress : 2cm foam+4cm palm; Removable bedspread;Soft and anti-bedsore.
6.Crank : Unique cranks design; Save space and easy to adjust the height.
Three Function Medical Bed configuration

Medical Bed specifications

Product name  Three Function Medical Bed
 Size  2080*1050*450-750 mm
 Bed  Baosteel from Fortune Global 500, anti-bacterial, paint thickness 0.12 mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50 kg impact
 Head/footboard  ABS head/footboard, environmental plastic, sterilized in 100℃, tensile up to 30Mpa
 Backrest lifting  0°-75°
 Kneerest lifting  0°-35°
 Load capacity  250kg
 Guardrails  Can be put down to move the old people or the patients
 Caster  Quiet and brake * 4pcs
 Accessories  Mattress, dinner table, IV pole

Precautions for the use of hospital beds

1. Do not drive on bumpy roads, and do not park on sloped roads.
2. Add a little lubricating oil to the screw nut and pin shaft every year.
3. Please always check the movable pins, screws and guardrail wire to prevent loosening and falling off.
4. When the bed surface is raised and lowered, please lift the bed surface upwards first, and then lift the control handle to prevent the handle from breaking.
5. When the rocker is operating, the back and legs must not be used at the same time, otherwise the bed will be damaged.
6. Please don’t use force to operate the screw and other transmission parts. If there is a fault, please use it after maintenance.


Adjustable, durable


1 Year




IV pole, table, mattress, boards

Model Number


Material of bed

Cold rolled steel

After-sale Service

Free spare parts


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