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Waist Back Brace

  • Type: Knitted waist support
  • Material: Spandex & Nylon
  • Applicable People: Adult
  • Protection class: Basic Protection
  • Bone: Removable 6 + 6 pcs
  • Support: Steel bone or Fiber bone
  • Technology: One-time knit; heating seal
  • Feature: Breathable, zero compression, no stitch

Waist Back Brace Video

  • 360° Compression
  • 3D Knitted Fabric
  • Removable Bone(6+6)

Private Label Back Traction Therapy Instrument Waist Girdle Insert Bone Lumbar Decompression Instrument

The knit back brace and support stabilize and massage the muscles of the lower back while treating pain and tension with a comfortable and breathable knit fabric. The knit fabric provides 360° of compression and is very breathable, promoting all-day wear comfort. Meanwhile, the removable skeleton provides different support to suit your needs. So you can take it with you for sports and daily activities.


Product name Knitted waist support
Color Gray, customized
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Support Removable bones(Steel and Fiber)
Feature Grade compression; removable extra band; Adjustable, breathable, elastic
Function Support waist; decompression; waist protection
Application Sports, daily
OEM/ODM Welcome

details waist back belt


1. [Fastener and Hand Strap] The unique handle design makes it easy to put on and take off, even for people with arthritis. What’s more, the handle part is heated and sealed to make it smooth.

2. [Decompression edge] Ensures comfortable contraction. The comfortable edge makes the lumbar area more comfortable and does not harm the skin.

3. [360° Compression] All-directional 360° compression allows the back frame to provide stable and comfortable compression, allowing for a full range of motion.

4. [Removable skeleton and extra straps] The support skeleton is removable and made of steel or fiber. You can choose the ones that are more comfortable, whether you are doing sports or daily activities. In addition, there is a removable strap that you can decide whether to bring or not according to your requirements.

5. [Comfortable fit] The pressure-reducing knitted fabric brings ultimate comfort. It can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle, which helps maintain its stretch and original fit.


1. Healthy Waist Curve

There are 6+6 pieces of removable bones with waist support, namely, 6 pcs of steel bones and 6 pcs of fiber bones. And they are removable to replace each bone. And the steel bone is elastic and curved, which can help to fit the waist curve and support the waist to decompress the pressure and relieve pains.
Medical Waist Belt

2. Waist Support Belt

The waist belt is made of 3d knitted fabric, which is elastic and compressive. It can fit the waist curve perfectly. So, the waist brace provides more support and relieves pain and fatigue.
Waist Trainer Support

3. 3D Knitted Fabric
The waist brace is made of 3D knitted fabric, which provides more balanced support and is more comfortable, with no harm to the skin.
Waist Belt Therapy Support


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