Walking Stick

  • Type: Walking Aids
  • Style: Four Big Feet
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Suitable for the scene: Home, Hospital
  • Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
  • Feature: Eco-friendly, Sturdy, Height adjustable
  • Applicable people: No limit, the elderly, walking difficulties
  • Usage: Outdoor sports hiking pole, walker for the elderly
  • OEM: Acceptaple
  • Function: Anti-skid shock absorption, stable and safe, good ductility


  • Aluminum Alloy Tube Material.
  • 9 Position button Height Adjustable.
  • Light and easy to carry, easy to lift for the elderly.
  • Durable, and more lightweight than other walking cane.
  • The suitable floor area of four feet, thickened rubber footpad, and anti-skid.
  • High wear-resistant handrail, anti-skid, more comfortable human grip mechanics.

Aluminum alloy four-legged cane use method:

  • Step 1: loosen the fixed knob.
  • Step 2: depress the button and move the telescopic rod to adjust the height of the cane.
  • Step 3: Confirm that the button is fastened.
  • Step 4: lock the fixed knob.

four-legged cane use method

How to measure the height of your walking stick
①The height of the elbow joint when the angle of the elbow joint becomes 30~40 when the crutch is placed at the position of 20cm in front of the foot.

②The height from the ground to the wrist or the height from the ground to the femoral joint socket when the arm is vertical.

③ Calculation of crutch length.
(A person with an arched back can stand with an arched back as long as he or she maintains a standing position)
Body height ÷ 2 + 2 ~ 3 cm (the thickness of the general shoe sole) = crutch length
measure height walking stick


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