White Noise Machine

  • Type: White Noise Sleep Aid
  • Help sleep naturally
  • 360-degree stereoscopic sound
  • Three ways for time setting
  • White noise reduction
  • Exquisite and portable
  • 26 kinds of natural sound

Vivid surround sound, lie on the bed, and wander the nature.

White Noise Sleep Aid Say Goodbye To Insomnia

White noise sleep instrument is one of the most effective sleep aids for ordinary people, as a single but powerful instrument, it can release regular and dynamic white noise, masking the external environment sound interference.

We must have had the experience: many times, too quiet room instead of making people difficult to sleep, and outdoor noise and easy to disturb sleep.

This time, the emergence of white noise can solve this dilemma. On the one hand, hearing the smooth and relaxing natural audio, the brain gets relaxed body good sleep; on the other hand, white noise masks the sudden impact of the outside world, especially for shallow sleep, easy to be awakened by the sound of people, very helpful.

White Noise Machine Size


Product Name Portable white noise sound machine
Color Black+gray; black+blue
Size 120mm*40mm*80mm
Charging USB port
Charging time 1.5 h
Battery 300mAh
Battery last 35 h
Application Fitness, yoga, pilates, bodybuilding
OEM/ODM Welcome

Does this also trouble you a lot?
1. High pressure, and tend to suffer from insomnia.
2. Can not sleep at night, nor get up in the morning.
3. Baby does not go to sleep in the evening.

White noise sleeper function
1. Help office worker falls asleep in a short time
Data show that in more than 90 decibels of noise environment, ordinary hard to sleep, and long-term sleep in the noise is easy to cause irritability, shallow sleep and easy to wake up in the morning, thus affecting daily life.

2. Create comfortable white noise, effectively filter environmental noise
A medical professor of Colombia University, Mosca, points out in the research that, it usually suggests adjusting at 50 decibels, which is as large as the sound when you take a shower.
White Noise Sound Machine

3. Humanized adjustment settings for a good night’s sleep
Push-button adjustment, four-button function, simple and easy to operate.

4. 26 kinds of natural sound for your free selections
Carefully selected for sleep-friendly natural sound, 360 degrees to restore the sound of nature, gentle to help sleep.

5. Three ways to set up a timer, and it will turn off automatically after asleep
The scientific and rational use of white noise does not need to keep on until dawn, the estimated sleep time timing can be.

Instruction for Size and Function
1. Signo Menor Que
Signo menor que is for turning on and off and suspension(Press long for turning on and off, press short is the suspension and play)

2. Minus Key
Minus key is for volume decrease and playing the next song(Press long to decrease the volume, press short to play the next song)

White Noise Machine Function

3. M Key
M key is for time setting Press once and ring once, the timer is 30 minutes; Press again and ring twice, the timer is 60 minutes; Press for another time and ring three times, the timer is 90 minutes.

4. Plus Key
Plus key is for volume increase and playing for the last song(Press long to increase the volume, press short to play the last song)


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