Wrist Band

  • Color: Black
  • Magnet: 4+4 pcs
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Usage: Daily Life, Universal
  • Applicable People: Universal
  • Size: Length: 42cm, Width: 8cm
  • Certificate: CE,ISO13485,ISO9001
  • Function: Relieve wrist pain, keep warm
  • Feature: Portable,magentic, self-heating
What are the details???
Material Neoprene, OK fabric, tourmaline, and magnet
Color Black
Size One size fits all
Feature Heating, magnetic, elastic, adjustable, portable
Function Relieve wrist pain, tension and fatigue
Keep wrist warm
Certificate CE ISO9001
Small order Acceptable
Logo Customized
How to get a sample???
Delivery time Within 24 hours for samples
Shipping way DHL, UPS, FedEx or other expresses ASAP.

Advantages of Wrist Band Magnets

  1. Come from nature
  2. Use high-tech extract
  3. Release infrared efficiently
  4. Release anion
  5. Utilize permanent magnets

Wrist Band Details
1. OK fabric
The outside of the wrist brace is made from OK fabric, which is hard to pill.
wrist band OK fabric

2. Magnet
There are 4 pieces of the magnet at the beginning of the wrist brace to care for the wrist.
wrist brace magnet

3. Hook
The wrist brace is made from a superior hook to hold the loop on the OK fabric.
wrist band hook

4. Self-heating
There are many tourmalines on the inner side of the wrist brace to care for the wrist.
wrist brace self heating

Wrist Band FAQ
Q1. Is there any wrist brace without tourmaline and magnets?

A: Yeah, of course. If you are interested in that kind of wrist brace, please feel free to contact me.

Q2. What is the black point on the brace?

A: It is made of tourmaline with pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects. It can release energy, negative ion, far infrared thermal through the energy of the human body. Then it can relieve wrist pain, tension, fatigue, and keep warm.

Q3. How long should I wear it?

A: We suggest that you should wear it for 2-3 hours one day. Of course, you can wear them according to your condition. But if you feel it is very hot, please take it off.

Q4. How long does it take to release heat?

A: Generally, one can feel hot in 30 minutes or so.

Q5. What should I do to make it warm soon?

A: You can wipe the heating part with a wet towel, then it can be warm soon.

Q6. How to wash this belt?

A: You cannot dip the heating part into the water. You can wash the other parts by hand.

Q7. I find your product is similar to what I want. Can you make the exact product I want?

A: Yes. We are a manufacturer and welcome OEM/ODM. You can send us the sample, pictures, or idea about the exact product you want. We can make the sample for you.


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