Wrist Massager

  • Type: Wrist Massager
  • Application: Hand
  • Function: Wrist hand massage
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • N.W: 550g

Wrist Massager

  • Airbag kneading
  • Warm sensation care
  • Raised point massage
  • Suitable for hands and feet

Heat Air Compression Point Therapy Wrist Massager Cordless Electric Hand Massager

In many daily sports, the wrist plays a vital role. Dressing, eating, lifting, studying, and working are all inseparable from a flexible wrist. After the wrist is strained, it is not professional to press and knead it, and it is troublesome to go out to find a professional technician.

Therefore, Youjie Tech team has been optimizing and improving continuously for September, hoping to help everyone relieve wrist pain and realize a relaxed life through modem intelligent technology.

Beauty and strength coexist

  • Suitable for both hands and foot feet.
  • Multi-purpose, all-round massage and soothing.
  • Minimalist appearance, overall more fashionable and refined.
  • The open U-shaped mouth is suitable for parts with a thickness of 2~7.5cm, not only the wrists and ankles but also the palms and soles of the feet.

Wrist Massager for hands Wrist Massager for foot feet

Humanoid finger pressing and kneading

  • 3-speed massage intensity to meet the needs of different groups of people.
  • The airbag squeezes and kneads the massage part from both sides, simulating human hand pressing and kneading to the greatest extent, so as to relieve wrist pain caused by office work, housework, or sports.

Wrist Massager pressing and kneading
Warm compress

  • 3-block graphene hot compress.
  • Quickly heat up, release wrist pressure and relieve fatigue.
  • Carefully adjust the temperature suitable for the wrist in 3 gears, promote local blood circulation, deeply relax the heat therapy, and relieve the blood obstruction.

Wrist Massager Warm compress
Acupuncture point massage

  • Massage drop plastic bump.
  • Increase the experience of contact massage, and the massage experience is more enjoyable.
  • There are hundreds of plastic drop bumps distributed on the contact surface. While massaging, you can directly hit the acupoints near the hands/feet to quickly relieve fatigue and soreness.

Wrist Massager Acupuncture point massage
Removable washable inner cloth cover

  • Skin-friendly and delicate, detachable for easier cleaning.
  • Milk silk material, with a zipper installed on it, is detachable and not afraid of washing, clean and hygienic.

Wrist Massager Removable washable

  • 3 intensities of air pressure massage for different requirements.
  • Graphene hot compress to promote blood circulation.
  • 3 intensities of heating Temperature 40℃,43℃,46℃ +-3℃.
  • Drop plastic points for deep tissue massage.
  • Removable and washable milk silk cloth.
  • U shape to fit the wrist and ankle very well.
  • 15mins auto-off function.
  • Gift box package.


  1. Due to a large amount of activity, the joints cannot bear it, resulting in strain on the muscles and other soft tissues around the joints.
  2. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are often migratory pain, pain, swelling, and stiffness mostly occurring in the wrist.
  3. Wrist sprain, wrist soft tissue injury, wrist tenosynovitis, rheumatism, and rheumatoid arthritis.


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