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How to Use Manual Wheelchair and the Purchase Guide?

Manual wheelchairs, also known as traditional wheelchairs, are the earliest means of mobility. For many elderly, disabled and mobility impaired people, this is simply their other pair of legs, with which they can better perform physical exercise and participate in social activities, and manual wheelchairs are economically priced and suitable for ordinary families.

How to use a manual wheelchair?

  1. Open the wheelchair: open the wheelchair cushion on both sides of the vertical downward pressure, so that the wheelchair is completely open to the normal use state after the left and right pedal down to the use of position.
  2. Push the wheelchair: the user stabilizes the seat on the wheelchair, then holds the handwheel to the left and right rear wheels with his hands, pushes the wheelchair forward with a balanced force with both hands at the same time, and releases both hands.
  3. Folding wheelchair: Now turn the footrest up to the vertical position, and then use your hands to lift the wheelchair cushion vertically upward from the middle, so that the wheelchair is completely folded to a stationary state.
  4. Activated tray retraction: When the movable tray needs to be retracted, hold the footrest with your hand and gently turn it so that the footrest moves up and down to the desired position and lock it.
  5. Brake: When the wheelchair is parked, the user holds the left and right brake handles with both hands and then pushes the brake handle forward to the brake self-locking state at the same time so that the rear wheels completely stop rotating to a stationary state.
  6. On the steps: wheelchair on the steps must be pushed behind the use of someone, on the steps, by the back to push the person’s feet to the wheelchair foot set position down hard, tilt the wheelchair backward, so that the front wheels off the ground to the height of the steps, and then push forward a little, release the foot force to push the wheelchair, so that the rear wheels across the steps and continue to travel.
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How to buy a manual wheelchair?

  1. According to the advantages of the wheelchair manufacturer, such as the length of the warranty, reputation and relevant certification so that they can buy a wheelchair with peace of mind.
  2. According to their own situation, such as spinal damage, you can buy a high-back wheelchair, so more comfortable.
  3. According to their own environment, such as living in a small room, you can choose a lightweight and flexible aluminum wheelchair, more convenient to use.
  4. According to the purpose of use, for example, only the age of handicapped, you can choose a simple function of the ordinary grade wheelchair.
  5. According to the design features of the wheelchair vehicle itself, it must be made of aluminum alloy is not easy to rust, pneumatic tires are good for shock resistance, etc.
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Manual wheelchair how to maintain?

  1. Wheelchair before use and within a month should check whether the bolts are loose if loose to tighten in time. Check every three months during normal use to ensure that all parts are in good condition, and check the various fastening nuts on the wheelchair (especially the rear wheel axle fixing nuts) if they are found to be loose and need to be adjusted and fastened in time.
  2. Wheelchair in the process of use, such as the need to dry in time after encountering rain, the normal use of the wheelchair should also be frequently wiped with a fine soft cloth, and coated with anti-rust wax so that the wheelchair lasting bright, beautiful.
  3. Check the flexibility of the activity and rotation mechanism frequently and apply lubricant. If for some reason the axle of the 24-inch wheel needs to be removed, make sure the nut is tightened and will not loosen when reinstalling.
  4. The connecting bolts of the wheelchair seat frame are loosely connected and are strictly forbidden to be tightened.
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  1. Pay attention to safety. When entering or leaving the house or encountering obstacles, do not hit the door or obstacles with the wheelchair (especially since most elderly people have osteoporosis and are easily injured).
  2. When pushing the wheelchair, ask the patient to hold the armrests of the wheelchair and sit as far back as possible, do not lean forward or get out of the wheelchair by yourself; to avoid falling, add a restraint belt if necessary.
  3. Because the front wheels of the wheelchair are small, in fast travel such as small obstacles (such as small stones, small ditches, etc.) easy to cause the wheelchair sudden stop and cause the wheelchair or the patient to tip forward and hurt the patient, pushing the wheelchair must be careful, if necessary, can be used to pull back (because the rear wheels are larger, the ability to cross the barrier is stronger).
  4. Push the wheelchair downhill at a slow speed, the patient’s head and back should lean back and hold onto the handrail to avoid accidents.
  5. Observe the condition at all times; if the patient has swelling, ulcers, or joint pain in the lower limbs, lift the pedals and pad them with soft pillows.
  6. Pay attention to keeping warm in cold weather, lay the blanket straight on the wheelchair, also use the blanket around the patient’s neck and fix it with a pin, while surrounding both arms and pinning it to the wrist, then surround the upper body, take off shoes and wrap both lower limbs and both feet with the blanket.
  7. The wheelchair should be checked frequently, lubricated regularly, and kept intact for backup.

The main thing is still to be careful, regular physical examination of the wheelchair, and cut carelessness.


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