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[Youjie Tech Medical] What is a multifunctional nursing beds?

The care of paralyzed beds has always been a relatively cumbersome problem. We must take care of such patients more carefully and carefully. As the most commonly used hospital bed for paralyzed patients, we must be more careful when choosing it. The appropriate medical bed should be selected according to the actual situation of the patient. Today, Youjie Tech is here to give you a brief introduction!
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1.The multifunctional nursing bed of Youjie Tech Bed is specially designed for patients.

The multifunctional nursing bed adopts a unique double-folding surface structure according to the patient’s long-term bed rest pain, and the bed surface is a special cushioning structure, so the bed surface can be adjusted to a flat and horizontal state. The nursing bed has functions such as getting up and defecation (can be flushed and closed to reduce indoor odor).

The side of the nursing bed is specially designed to be a physical therapy magnetic pad, which has health care functions and can stimulate blood circulation. Hospital beds have improved the level of care, improved the quality of life of patients, and solved a series of problems in nursing.

2.Features of multifunctional nursing bed.

  1. Youjie Tech Medical Bed is a detachable multifunctional dining table. After eating, you can separate and push down to the bottom of the bed;
  2. It is equipped with a waterproof mattress that will not penetrate the surface and is easy to wipe. Keep the bed surface clean and hygienic for a long time. It has strong air permeability and is easy to clean and disinfect.No odor, comfortable and durable;
  3. Stainless steel two-stage infusion stand, users can infuse at home, which is more convenient for users and nursing staff to use. Detachable head and feet, convenient for nursing staff to wash hair, feet, massage and other daily care for users;
  4. You can use wired remote control equipment, medical bed allows you to easily adjust the posture of head and feet, to call anytime, anywhere.

The equipment solves the urgent needs of users; the multifunctional nursing bed is determined according to the patient’s current situation. There are three types of electric nursing beds: electric, manual and ordinary nursing beds.

3.Classification of Youjie Tech Medical Multifunctional Electric Nursing Bed.

  • Multifunctional electric nursing beds can generally be divided into five-function electric nursing beds, four-function electric nursing beds, three-function electric nursing beds and two-function electric nursing beds.
  • Its main functions also include motors, process design and luxurious configuration equipment, such as aluminum alloy guardrails, operating remote controls, full-brake central control casters, etc., usually suitable for critically ill patient monitoring equipment in intensive care units; multi-functional manual nursing beds The function manual nursing bed is determined by the number of rockers. Youjie Tech medical equipment manufacturers can be roughly divided into luxury multifunctional three-shaking bed nursing bed, two-rocker tri-folding bed and single shaking bed.
  • Its main feature is the rocker device and the different accessories that can be configured, such as the bedpan, reasonable process design and different material selection, etc., usually suitable for each department of the hospital inpatient department; ordinary nursing bed, ordinary nursing bed, that is, straight bed /Flat beds, depending on the situation, can include simple hand beds, etc., usually suitable for various hospitals and clinics.

What can Youjie Tech do for you?

Youjie Technology’s hospital beds are sold all over the world. Youjie Technology’s hospital beds have unique advantages because we have our own factories and technology. Therefore, if you are a distributor of hospital beds and are looking for a manufacturer of medical beds in China, please contact us and get the factory price. Or, if you need to bid for a hospital bed, we will provide you with complete quotation information within 2 hours. Youjie Technology has a complete foreign trade export system to provide you with the best quality service.


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