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What is a finger splint?

A finger splint is used to protect an injured finger. Its main purpose is to keep the finger immobile and prevent it from bending, in addition to helping the finger regain movement after arthritis, surgery, operation, or other reasons that cause the finger to bend. Artificial finger splints are usually made of metal or plastic. Homemade splints can be made from almost any flat object, including wood.
examination of finger fractures

Failure to immobilize a fractured finger may result in abnormal healing of the bone.

A fractured or sprained finger may be swollen and painful. This injury occurs by smashing, jamming, or bending the finger. Fractures and sprains of the finger will not usually require a cast. Finger splints can be purchased at a pharmacy or placed by a health care professional.

X-ray finger
An x-ray can be used to examine the fractured finger.

A simple finger splint is a splint. In a splint, the tape is applied to the injured finger and the nearest uninjured finger. The tape holds the two fingers in place and prevents them from bending apart. This simple finger splinting technique is commonly used for finger ligament injuries. It is also indicated for the treatment of dislocated or sprained knuckle injuries caused by finger entrapment.

finger sprains
Finger sprains usually do not require a cast.

The tape should be placed above and below the injured area. The smallest finger should be taped when the ring finger is injured. This will protect the little finger from injury. Splinted fingers should not be used for fractures.

bent finger
People who wear finger splints.

For tendon injuries or fractures, use a static finger splint. Static splints conform to the shape of the finger and protect the finger as it heals. This splint allows the finger to be positioned for optimal healing. Static splints are usually made of flexible metal and have a soft lining on one side. Some splints are applied just under the finger, while others completely wrap around the finger to further protect it.

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Stacked splints are used when various medical conditions force the finger joint closest to the nail to be constantly bent. The splint is placed with the finger and across the bent joint. It forces the joint to remain in an unbent position while allowing the other joints to bend freely. Most stacking splints are made of plastic.

Dynamic finger splints provide the best long-term relief for arthritic bent fingers. Metal, foam, this splint is made of plastic. Patients usually wear it at night while sleeping. A spring mechanism adjusts the extension of the finger.

finger flexible device

Homemade splints are glued to the underside of injured fingers and are used to treat minor sprains and injuries. Size and shape of homemade splint If the injured finger is deformed and remains painful or numb after one hour of rest, seek medical attention.

If someone has a serious fall, a finger splint may be necessary.

How To Use Finger Splint?


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