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Wheelchairs Adapted To The Population

In addition to the function of the wheelchair, there are many therapeutic effects that have not been "seen": such as core training, fatigue management, sensory stimulation, airway management, muscle tone and posture management, and so on.
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01. Early recovery patients

For example, patients with early stroke, severe craniosynostosis, severe rehabilitation, and patients with low consciousness.

These patients usually have only one option of bed rest during this period. Early rehabilitation also has only bedside exercise or physical therapy, as the patient cannot be transferred to a chair and has no independent sitting balance.

The appropriate wheelchair allows for early rehabilitation from sensory input, airway management, and core training. The different positions of the patient in the wheelchair activate areas that cannot be trained in the reclining position without the patient’s active cooperation and before the independent sitting balance has been developed. At the same time, the wheelchair allows the patient to rest at the right time to avoid fatigue caused by excessive “treatment”.

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02. Patients with lifelong disabilities

For example, patients with advanced stages of degenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, etc.), patients with severe cardiopulmonary impairment, and patients with impaired lower limb function.

For such patients, a wheelchair is a necessity of life! The wheelchair becomes part of the airway, postural management, and decubitus ulcer treatment for such patients.

The right wheelchair can maintain or even improve some of the postural problems, such as scoliosis. They usually have a set amount of time in the wheelchair each day to complete functional activities such as school, work, and even outings to achieve maximum independence.

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03. Patients who need to stand

Clinical guidelines suggest that standing exercises are critical for neurological patients, especially those with stroke and spinal cord injury. Standing for 30-60 minutes a day has a significant positive effect on joint mobility, muscle tone, and bone density.

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If a patient does not have the ability to stand independently and is unable to go to the hospital for daily therapy, standing training can only be completed at home. In such cases, a standing wheelchair is the best choice for such patients, and it can be used for two purposes in one machine.

Patients in different clinical stages of the disease can benefit from the “magic” wheelchair to improve physical function and quality of life.


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Youjie Tech

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