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How Should Wheelchairs be Disinfected During COVID-19?

With COVID-19 recurring, good protective measures are still a top priority. When you return from an outing in a wheelchair, in addition to your own disinfection work, the disinfection of your wheelchair should not be slackened. So, what should be done for proper wheelchair disinfection?
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Three steps to disinfection of wheelchairs

Step 1: disinfection of seat back cushions and other fabrics

Prepare a clean cloth, soak it in diluted chlorine disinfectant solution (concentration: 250mg/L) and wipe the seatback pad repeatedly. After standing for 5 minutes, wipe clean with a damp, clean cloth.

According to WHO, the chlorine-containing disinfectant solution can effectively inactivate COVID-19; please follow the instructions for using the disinfectant solution for dilution and avoid direct immersion of the seatback pad. (Contains chlorine/Disinfectant solution)

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Step 2: Disinfection of armrests, brakes, and other plastic parts

Scrub wheelchair armrests, brakes, leg rests, etc. with a diluted chlorine-containing disinfectant solution; repeatedly wipe the footrests, hand-holding rings, and crossing pedals, which are often in contact with the human body; after sitting for about 10 minutes, wipe clean with a washed, damp cloth.

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Step 3: Disinfection of wheelchair skeleton, tires, and other parts

Clean the skeleton, seat fork, and other locations with care cleaner; it is recommended not to use disinfectant to clean the skeleton, tires, and other parts to prevent corrosion and rust, wipe clean and place in a ventilated place to dry.

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Common knowledge of wheelchair disinfection

Q1: What disinfectant solution should be used for wheelchair disinfection?

For disinfection of wheelchairs, use chlorine-containing disinfectant solution (concentration: 250mg/L) according to the recommendation, or 75% alcohol can be used instead.

When using the chlorine-containing disinfectant solution, please dilute it according to the instructions for use of the disinfectant solution; when disinfecting with alcohol, be careful to avoid open flames and combustible materials.

Q2: What should I do before disinfecting wheelchairs?

Before disinfection, prepare a diluted chlorinated disinfectant solution, clean cloths, and spray cans (pressurized spray cans are preferred).

Take care to place the wheelchair in an open location that is not easily accessible to family members directly.

Q3: What do I need to pay attention to when disinfecting?

When disinfecting, for the safety of you and your family, please wear isolation gloves to avoid direct contact with your skin.

Q4: Can I wipe the electronic parts of the wheelchair directly with disinfectant?

The electronic parts of electric wheelchairs are prone to malfunction when exposed to water. Battery components, charging slots, clutches, etc. do not often come into contact with the human body, so disinfection wiping is not recommended if not necessary.

For joysticks that come into close contact with the human body on a daily basis, it is recommended that they be wrapped in a clean plastic bag and thrown away when you get home.


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