Is it better to choose large wheels or small wheels for wheelchairs for the disabled?

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Wheelchairs for the disabled are an important tool for the disabled to travel. Wheelchairs for the disabled are divided into large wheels and small wheels. Therefore, when choosing a wheelchair for the disabled, it is best to choose large wheels or small wheels? Youjie Tech analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of wheelchair wheels for the disabled.

Large Wheels wheelchair

Small Wheels wheelchair

The materials and styles of the above two wheelchairs for the disabled are exactly the same, and the prices are basically the same. The only difference between the two wheelchairs is the size of the rear wheels. One is 16 inches and the other is 12 inches. So, which of these two wheelchairs is better? The editor of Youjie Tech tells you that the choice of large wheels or small wheels depends on the self-care ability of the wheelchair user and the strength of the upper limbs, but it depends on whether it is done frequently.

The advantages of the same style large-wheeled wheelchair: the user can move forward on his own, has better self-care ability, and can properly exercise the user’s upper limb muscle strength; the disadvantage is that compared with the small-wheel wheelchair, it is folded and carried Time will take up space.

The advantages of small wheeled wheelchairs of the same style: saving space when folding and carrying, lighter weight, and more convenient to carry. But it needs other people to promote it, wastes manpower and cannot exercise users. When buying a wheelchair, you can choose according to the actual situation of the user.

Why do wheelchairs have small front wheels?

This is more secure. The front wheel is too large and the rear wheel is too small, and it can easily tip over. The front wheel plays a supporting role, and the rear wheel can be pushed by hand. There are also electric wheelchairs, which are much more convenient than manual wheelchairs.

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